QR Code Marketing | Quick Response Code Marketing for Local Businesses

Interested in QR Code marketing? Learn how you can use QR codes in your marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage!
QR Code MarketingQR codes, or Quick-Response codes, are programmable 2-D barcodes which can incorporate all types of different data.

When scanned using a smartphone’s camera, the QR code executes the programmed action.

QR Codes solve the issue of asking your audience to type long or complex URLs and web addresses into the very small keypads on their phones – you can simply point them to the content you’d like them to view, when you want them to view it.

With a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to programme a QR code to perform almost anything. When included in a broader marketing strategy, QR code marketing can give you the competitive edge.

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QR codes are one of the most popular kinds of 2d barcodes in use today. QR codes contain a pattern of black squares arranged on a white background.

QR codes, for your local marketing strategy, can be created to do a large number of things to help you support your small business marketing strategy, this includes:

  • Sending a visitors to your site
  • Direct the consumer to a special deal
  • Immediately downloading your contact information
  • Making a phone call or sending a text message
  • Sending an email with any information you need
  • Giving clients information on products

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