NAP – Name, Address & Phone Number

NAP – Name, Address & Phone Number

It’s important for your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to be consistent across all the main local directories. Incorrect name, address and telephone details can be confusing for customers as well as Google.

In industry terms, your business appearing on a 3rd party website like a business directory or social networking account, is know as a citation. Citations have a direct impact on your sites rank in Google local search and in particular your Google Places listing. In less competitive markets citations are not as important. However the more competitors there are the more important citations become.

Google in particular likes to verify the information (citations) it holds about your business with other online sources such as business directories and local online portals. If Google discover inconsistent NAP info about your business on the web, the chances are that your business will suffer through a lack of rankings on the Google Places platform (now Google+ Local).

How Do I Know if My Business Information (NAP) is Correct?

One of the easiest ways of discovering what sites your business is listed on is by conducting a Google search for your business name and/or telephone number.

Try this search in Google including the quotation marks “INSERT BUSINESS NAME” + “INSERT TELEPHONE NUMBER”

The search results will reveal the sites containing a mention of your business. This is also a very good method of uncovering your competitors citations.

Remember also that some sites may display your address or telephone number differently. So do try different variations of the search above based on the examples below:

For example your business name may be displayed as “My Business Name Ltd” vs “My Business Name Limited”. Or your telephone number may be displayed as “01234 567 890″ vs ‘01234 567890”. Try different combinations including a basic search for just your business name or just your telephone number.

Perhaps you have changed your business address or telephone number and as a result many sites around the web display incorrect business details. The best approach to this situation is deal with each site on a case by case basis until the inconsistencies are resolved.

Google display abbreviations for stuff like road (rd) or street (st). This is something that also needs to be considered when listing your business around the web.

Whilst a few minor inconstancies should not cause much of an issue, if you do find that your Google Places listing is not showing at all or has disappeared from the results, it is always a good idea to start by finding out where you are listed and making sure those listing details are 100% correct and consistent with the NAP info displayed on your website.

Don’t forget that Google are also a domain registrar. This means they know who registered your domain and to what address it was registered to. If your domain was registered to your webmaster or web designers address, this ought to be changed to your address, business name and telephone number.

Lastly, some web directories rely on details provided by Companies House to populate their directory listings. This means that the info that you use to set up your company in the first place may well end up being displayed on a 3rd party directory website one day. If this data is different to the address displayed on your website, this can cause a huge inconsistency from day one! Typically this situation can occur when an accountant registers your business on your behalf and uses their business address for the process.

If you need a hand in ensuring your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) are consistent across the web, please do not hesitate to contact us, or request a call back from one of our local marketing consultants.

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