Reputation Management (ORM) for Local Businesses

Reputation Management (ORM) for Local Businesses

Reputation management also known as ORM is not just for the big brands. Local businesses that are actively promoting themselves on the web also need to consider implementing a process that effectively measures and monitors their brand across the world wide web and protects and builds upon their good reputation.

After all, your good reputation can take years and even decades to establish but could all be lost in a matter of hours should one of your clients or customers have a bad experience with your company.

Negative publicity can make or break your business and if you are not proactively monitoring your brand on the internet and the unthinkable happens, you will have little or no chance of successfully thwarting any negative impact this may have.

What is Reputation Management?

Have you ever done a Google search for your name or business? When you search your company name or your personal name on Google and other search engines, what do you see? Are you aware how these search results are affecting your business’ reputation?

The results of those searches are the very basis of reputation management. You want those results to be positive speak about you or your business. What is written about you on news sites or blogs, your reviews on review sites and business directories, content about you in press releases and what people are saying about you on forums and social media sites forms what is your online reputation.

How Does Reputation Management Work?

Reputation Management is the process of identifying and proactively managing your online content across the world wide web. This can be broken down into 5 core aspects:

  1. Discovering what others are saying about you online
  2. Branding your profile or persona
  3. Protecting your brand
  4. Sinking negative search results
  5. Promoting positive search results

Every single time you engage in some form of communication on the web, whether it is a twitter status update, press release or directory listing; your small business has the opportunity to build upon its reputation.

If you are worried about the reputation of you business online then contact us for a free consultation and ORM Report. Consult Locals dedicated ORM manager will manage your brand in real time across more than 100 social media sites. Contact us today for a free consultation and ORM proposal.

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